Dental Implants

The next best option to natural teeth

Dental implants are permanent tooth replacements. They hold a crown, bridge or denture just like roots hold natural teeth in place. Many dentists consider implants to be one of the greatest advancements in dentistry since they truly are “the next best thing to your natural teeth.” Unlike a traditional plate or bridge, dental implants are actually anchored to your jaw. After integration with the jawbone, the crown, bridge or denture is then attached to the implants. This provides much greater stability for more effective eating, speaking and smiling!

People of all ages are discovering how they can improve their lives with dental implants. No more messy, ineffective adhesives for denture wearers. With dental implants, denture wearers report eating foods that they have not had in years! Say goodbye to slipping partials and uncomfortable dentures. Implants allow for a secure solid fit of the more comfortable palate less denture.  Implants can even help a patient missing just one tooth. In the past, the two adjacent healthy teeth had to be ground down and “sacrificed” to build a three-unit bridge to replace the single missing tooth. Today, a single implant can often be placed in between the teeth and a crown can be fabricated without affecting the healthy teeth.  If you are a candidate for dental implants, don’t put off getting a complete professional evaluation any longer. Not everyone is a viable candidate for dental implants. A comprehensive evaluation with Dr Suaverdez and your implant surgeon will allow you to understand all of your treatment options and choose a dental solution for improving your life.

These exciting and reliable tooth replacements mean you can replace one or more missing teeth with natural-looking implants that allow you to eat all your favorite foods again, worry-free. They’re even healthier than dentures, because they preserve the bone that supports your new teeth. Dental implants are surgically implanted below the gums, and fuse to the jawbone to form a foundation for bridges, crowns, or replacement teeth. Because surgery is required, it is important that you have healthy teeth and gums.


Implant Supported Dentures

Goodyear Implant Dentist - Jay Suaverdez DDS - Estrella Falls Dentistry

If you are seeking a better solution than traditional dentures to replace most or all of your missing teeth, Dr Suaverdez may be able to help you attain a secure, natural-looking, and comfortable restoration with implant dentures. Unlike a prosthesis that is attached to your mouth using an adhesive paste, this technique uses dental implants to root your dentures into the gum line. This can provide a more accurate denture fit as well as enhanced security for your restoration, reducing the incidence of gum irritation and slippage. Furthermore, implant dentures can improve biting function and make it easier to chew tougher foods, in addition to a wider range of foods. With no extra maintenance besides daily oral hygiene habits required to keep them in good condition, implant dentures can serve as an excellent upgrade from traditional dentures.

Cost of Dental Implants

Dr Suaverdez believes that every patient seeking a tooth replacement should be afforded the functional and aesthetic benefits of dental implants, which are unsurpassed in quality as well as longevity of the outcome. To make it easier for individuals to manage the cost of dental implants, our practice works with highly reputable healthcare lending companies to accommodate the needs of our diverse range of patients. Dental financing with CareCredit® offer a number of flexible payment plans, many of which include interest-free options for qualified applicants.


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